RAW 4 PRO Easy for Windows

RAW 4 PRO Easy for Windows

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  • Convert RAW DNG and JPG to the easy-to-view video
  • Cineform RAW - exclusive output feature!
  • H264, DHxHD, ProRes (on Windows!)
  • Also: JPG timelapses to HD video! See what you have shot!
  • UNLIMITED license! No more being tied to one machine (seat)
  • Enter your PROMO CODE and receive a DISCOUNT!

Compare to RAW 4 PRO Duo:

- UNLIMITED installations on the same network (install on any number of PCs within your network and speed up your processing)

- FLOATING license - uninstall from one PC and install on another without a problem, regardless of whether you upgrade your computer or change the workstations completely! (all other versions or RAW 4 PRO are only licensed per-seat)

- NO NEED for the Internet connection for registration or re-installation! Re-install this EASY version any number of times, whether you are connected OR working in the middle of nowhere - no problem either way! (Also great for organizations that are prohibited from direct internet connections due to security concerns, company policies, etc.) R4P EASY is the only version of RAW 4 PRO with this feature.

Immediate delivery link by email after you make a successful payment
Just download the installer, then Right-click and Run As Admin.

Finally, an easy way to work with your frame-based (RAW DNG, JPG) footage or image sequences

Works on-location or in a studio.

RAW 4 PRO makes video proxies that you can play, edit, and catalog anywhere!
... while keeping your precious DNG originals.

- Converts your RAW video to HD previews with perfectly synchronized timecode and audio

- Converts your JPG or RAW timelapses to HD video - quickly visualize what you actually shot! ...with the ability to set your own video frame rate (great for time-lapse previews)

- Exclusive: outputs in true Cineform RAW! (or debayered, if the source is JPG). Even Davinci cannot do that, but RAW 4 PRO can.

- Detects and Offloads all your RAW or JPG-sequence folders from your card or hard drive

- Process a selected single RAW/JPG folder (offload/conversion) or all folders in a Batch mode

- Install it on ANY numver of PCs on your network for increased productivity

- No fancy PC requirements - most any Windows PC will do.

Immediate delivery link by email after you make a successful payment

Works on Windows 7, 8, 10, x32 or 64-bit. Works under VM (virtual machines.)

Just download the installer, then Right-click and Run As Admin.

Requires Internet connection.

Note: we can output Cineform RAW - not even Adobe CC or DaVinci could do this, they only output debayered Cineform at best. We gladly offer you this functionality, thanks to Cineform for RAW 4 PRO


RAW 4 PRO can easily convert this for you, single clip or batch:
- DNG (uncompressed from Black Magic Cinema Camera, Digital Bolex, URSA, Odyssey 7Q etc., as well as compressed from BMCC, Black Magic Pocket Camera or Production Camera 4K etc.) to H264 proxy video
- DNG to ProRes video high quality
- DNG to DNxHD video high quality
- DNG to CineformRAW
- JPG image sequences (for example, time lapse) to H264 preview video
- JPG to ProRes video high quality
- JPG to DNxHD video high quality
- JPG to debayered Cineform video


FREE with RAW 4 PRO:
- H.264 video output encoder
- ProRes video output encoder
- DNxHD video output encoder.
DNxHD decoder is free as well; download link included with RAW 4 PRO in case you don't have it installed yet.
- Cineform/CineformRAW video output encoder (codec is a separate free download - the link comes with RAW 4 PRO. Older versions are just fine, too - we use Cineform Neo v5 here for years now!)  Cineform is a division of GoPro.
NOTE: we don't simply link to Cineform download. RAW 4 PRO actually comes with specific components that allow legitimate output in CineformRAW (as well as debayered Cineform)


Tablet, laptop, a desktop running Windows (from version 7 and up). Any computer will do, even the old one with a weak video card and a low-resolution display is fine. Unlike other software, we are not picky!

This is a Windows-native software. Works great on either 32-bit or 64-bit systems.

Very fast, easy installation/uninstallation.
Confident, error-free operation - remove human errors by using this specialized software, and get perfect results every time.

If you have a Mac, then you'll need to run Windows under the emulator (like VMware Fusion or similar) for RAW 4 PRO to work.


Windows OS 7 or higher, either x32 or x64 bit, with Microsoft .NET Framework 4, and Internet Explorer browser installed. Your PC must have a C: drive. These are all very standard requirements.
(Mac users: must use Windows virtualization environment like VMware Fusion / Windows Virtual Machine.) 
Screen resolution recommended: 1280x720 and up (but will also work on 1024x768.)


As you already know, image stacks (RAW DNGs, JPG timelapse folders from your cameras) are hard to use once transferred to your computer. 

Suddenly, you can't play them back, editing is a pain, and it's almost impossible to keep track of what's where because cataloging software does not understand image stacks - it treats each frame as a separate, individual image. 
RAW 4 PRO can help you by offloading/organizing your originals, and making video proxies easily - that's what we specialize in, since 2013.
RAW 4 PRO gives you EASY, one-click offload and output to either space-saving H264, popular ProRes, or DNxHD formats, or to GoPro Cineform/CineformRAW. All with audio and timecode properly synchronized.

No-pain post-production workflow: now easily view, catalog, share, and edit your clips with timecode and sound after RAW 4 PRO conversion.
RAW ETTR mode supported. D16 sound supported.

Process one individual clip, or choose a batch of clips all at once, your choice.
Very easy to use: drag-drop-done!


RAW 4 PRO is quite universal.

Supported: any camera/recorder/device that makes DNG or JPG image stacks.

RAW 4 PRO converts image sequences from Black Magic Pocket/Production 4K/Cinema 2.5K/Mini/URSA raw cameras,
Digital Bolex, Ikonoskop*, Sony FS700 with recorder like Odyssey 7Q RAW, and generally any and all cameras/recorders/devices
that save DNG RAW files, to standard video files -
H264, DNxHD, ProRes, or Cineform that play anywhere, for real-time playback, cataloging, and edit.

Timecode and audio merged automatically (DNG)
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RAW 4 PRO Easy for Windows
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