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Is this a Virus or Malware? Get an independent check!

Posted by Data Boss on 2/18/2018 to Data Boss: Support, Knowledge Base
We have been awarded a "100% Clean" status by Softpedia

So there's that :)

Is there a virus or malware in the Data Boss file I just downloaded?? My antivirus blah-blah says so (or, I personally suspect so)!
We do check for viruses before deployment, and our files are clean.
Every antivirus has its own algorithm to try and detect threats, so your particular PC's results may vary. For example, some AVs do not like our installation package called NSIS - they think it's a malware but it's not.
Having said that... Do not trust either us or your antivirus software. Instead, get a consensus by checking our site and files against MANY antivirus and malware detection programs - all at once, free, fast, online.
The way to do that: just use

For example, today's check of  Data Boss v1.5.3 shows two false positive out of 67 antivirus checks (false positive are both by some Chinese engines that do not like NSIS installer):

All of the major antivirus services show our file as clean. 

Interestingly, you can also use VirusTotal to check websites as well. Here's the result for as of today:

There you have a consensus, Data Boss and its downloadable files are clean.

Of course, it is a good practice to keep checking with VirusTotal tool at any time you feel like.

If there are any further questions or comments, we'll be happy to help! - please use Contact Us page to email us.