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Posted by Data Boss on 2/24/2018 to Data Boss: Support, Knowledge Base
DataBoss is the world's easiest way to save, then quickly find your data.

This is a support page.

Video Tutorial for Data Boss:


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Opening Data Boss and re-positioning it on your display

Backup View vs Smart Catalog View

Viewing all the connected drives

Backing up your Source drive

Auto-detection and prevention of duplicate backups

Indication of Backup Finished

How to move Data Boss windows around the screen

Describe the Backup to find it later

Source Preview Pane

Formatting the Source drive to free the media

Double-Checking before Formatting the Source

Reviewing the status of previous Backup operation

Easily view content of Source / Target in Explorer

Where does the Backup go on the Target drives

Flexible button: Catalog or Quit

Editing Description and Project in Catalog view

Set up the catalog click action as you wish

What can we see in the Catalog

Smart Catalog auto-finds moved folders

Set Data Boss to auto-start in Backup View

Smart Backup detects new content on the same media

List of Projects shows the names you put in prior

To beep or not to beep?

Smart searching: find your data instantly

Data Boss v1 Local vs v2 Anywhere

How to provide feedback:

Answers online: use our Knowledge Base

Data Boss support and Knowledge Base

How does Data Boss help me save, then quickly find my data?
Data Boss has two intuitive views, one for Backup and one for Catalog. First you backup your data from your media (card/drive etc.), then Data Boss extracts metadata from is and also allows you to describe it in human terms. Then, you go to the Smart Catalog that shows you all your data. There, you can very quickly browse or search for whatever you need.

How fast is Data Boss?
About as fast as your Windows PC allows.

What is the latest version of Data Boss?
Please see the Release Log, it always shows the latest public version of our software, as well as upcoming developments.

How do I know which Data Boss version I currently have installed?
It shows in the Data Boss window on top, like so:

I read all of the above, but still, I have some unanswered questions?
First, please take a look at some other articles here in Data Boss Knowledge Base. They are really helpful.
There's also a 35-min tutorial video at the top of this page, with chapters that show you how to do anything you want with Data Boss. Click and jump to the point of your interest directly if you wish, rather than sitting through the entire presentation.
For fast email support, just drop us a line via the Contact Us page, we’ll be happy to help!