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Data Boss: Installation and System Requirements

Posted by Data Boss on 9/11/2018 to Data Boss: Support, Knowledge Base
How to correctly install Data Boss?
Download the ZIP file, unzip it to extract the installation EXE. Run the EXE file.

What are the System Requirements to run Data Boss?
Windows 7, 8, 10, system architecture x32 or x64-bit, with Microsoft .NET v4 or higher. Your PC must have a C: drive with the standard MyDocuments folder. 
Minimal screen resolution 1280 x 720. All this means the software will work on both old and new machines and is not demanding to the system specifications.
(On Mac, Data Boss does not work directly, but will work in the virtual environment like VMware Fusion.)

How to cleanly UN-install Data Boss?
The installer can be also used to cleanly UNinstall Data Boss (simply get to the step where it uninstalls the program and quit there). Or, go to Start - Data Boss - click Uninstall, it will do the same.

I have installed my Data Boss, but something is not working still?
Please make sure that you followed these two steps:
1. Do NOT install directly from the downloaded ZIP file. Please UN-zip first into a folder on your PC.
2. Navigate to that folder, run the EXE installation file. This should work fine. If it doesn't, then right-click and Run As Administrator.

I want to install my software but cannot find an installation file (or cannot locate my registration code)?
Per our license, it is the user's responsibility to keep the files and registration codes. However, we may be able to manually recover them for you for a small fee. Kindly use Contact Us page and describe the issue in detail, so we could support you best.
Kindly note we do not provide old versions because they are outdated, yet the newer versions have all the known bugs fixed.

I read all of the above, but still, have some unanswered questions?
Please click here!