Data Boss  - FREE v2 for Windows

Data Boss - FREE v2 for Windows

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  • Easy Backup to one or TWO drives: makes an easy backup of everything
  • Quickly and easily FIND your files - no matter how old - anytime you need them



This Free Trial version is just like the Data Boss ONE edition with unlimited functionality, for the generous duration of full 60 days. What will happen after 60 days? No worries: you keep all your cataloging data created with Data Boss FREE edition, forever. After the initial 60 days, the program will simply continue to work in a FREE mode with limited functionality - but you will see all your data just as before. You will not be left hanging!

Use it FREE version to thoroughly test Data Boss ONE software - for free - before buying it. This Free Trial works exactly like the regular version, for 60 days.
And don't worry - all our data acquired in this Demo version will automatically transfer to the full-fledged ONE or PLUS Edition, should you decide to buy it!

(Of course, you don't have to wait for 60 days. Convert your FREE Trial edition to the full-featured edition any time you wish.)

The easiest and most reliable way for you to backup, then instantly find all your data

We've all been there: "If only I could find that file/folder ____! I need it right now!! I know it's sitting somewhere on my drives, but where exactly???"
(___ could be your photos, videos, data files, anything.)

The solution that actually works (and we know this because we are using Data Boss in our own company all the time):Data Boss

Data Boss FREE (this is it) works locally on one Windows PC. System requirements: click here

Data Boss is the easiest backup software in the world. But not only does it preserve your data; it also lets you find your data at any time, very simply, and without the insanity of tagging every single data file. Oh, joy!

One of our original photos from the year 2014, found because it was processed by Data Boss (early internal version)

System requirements and all software details: please see our Knowledge Base and Video Tutorial.

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