Save your data, then find it - easily! - anytime you need it. Now, that's power.

Simply the best tool to handle your data since 2014. Easily FIND all your data, even years later. Photos, videos, any files at all.

As portable as your tablet can be. This software runs on tablets, laptops, desktops. Works on-location or in-house. Reliable, battle-tested.

New and improved v2.5 is here!

All organizing is done automatically for you, yet you are always in control. Complete backup of the entire folder/subfolder and file structure. Best search feature gets the data you are looking for instantly. Saves your time and sanity!

Choose total privacy (ONE) or worldwide access and multi-computer operation (ANY). Switch at will.

New in v2.5:
Encryption; Dates Shift; Database Backup daily/weekly/monthly (ANY); Network Drives Switch. For photo & video: All Cameras auto-Detected

The Data Boss' secret is in its special system of data handling that automates as much as possible, making YOUR life easier.

No need to meticulously tag each file - what a relief!

No annual subscription fees or ongoing licensing costs. Take that, Adobe :)

Perfect for the photo/video professionals or hobbyists, law firms, government, accountants, everyday people who take photos of their important ones...

Perfect for anyone who deals with large amounts of data and needs to retrieve them quickly at any time.

Featured Products

Data Boss ONE for Windows v1
Digital download
Data Boss ANY for Windows v2
Not for Sale. Digital download